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Quality materials
and Cutting-edge profiles
have been our hallmark
for over thirty years

R.M. Service // Eredi Rossini Domenico

Construction carpentry and door/window frames

Eredi Rossini Domenico has been in the light metal fabrication and aluminium door and window business since 1976. The company evolved from an idea by Domenico Rossini, who has channelled a combination of passion and expertise into making the business a benchmark in its industry.
We have always stood out for the accuracy of our work and our ability to keep promises.
We manufacture door and window frames using cutting-edge profiles.

If your hospital or healthcare facility needs advice on refurbishing doors, windows, iron bars and railings - or any other metal work - please don't hesitate to get in touch.

We can work with the following metals:

  • Steel
  • Aluminium
  • Corten steel
  • Stainless steel

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We achieve precision in our fabrications with the aid of various different processes, including:
  • Laser cutting
  • Plasma cutting
  • Bending
  • Roll bending
  • Shearing
Just some possible uses:
  • Windows
  • Formwork
  • Machine beds
  • Railings
  • Warehouse framework
  • Warehouse roofs
  • Flower boxes
  • Galleries and mezzanines
  • Walkways
  • Verandas
  • Stairs
  • Gates